Hey! I’m Carleigh. Most of the blog posts, tweets, and facebook updates you see come from me. That’s right, I am kind of the do all tech person over here at our group. I am also the one that will normally answer the phone if you call, get your fax, take pictures of your house when you list it, and put together your disclosure package. All behind the scenes stuff – but you all know I’m here!

I was born here in the bay area and I love it here. I went to Cal Poly – SLO for my Bachelors degree and I went to Notre Dame de Namur here in local Belmont for my MBA. I also have a JD from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. I have been working here for about 6 years! Time sure flies by….

I love traveling, people watching, and eating. All things that go very well together actually! I take a lot of pictures – it’s a hobby of sorts – and, like my mom, I stay very busy. If you need a quick reply – I am the one to email. I normally get back to you right away. If you need help with something – don’t hesitate to ask! That is one of the main reasons I am here. We want you to have the very best service available – we won’t settle for less. AND, if you have a twitter or a facebook – follow or friend me! Since I live in internet world over here – I need all the friends I can get and I would love to hear from you!

You can find us on facebook: HERE